October 25, 2014

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Zac Efron Kisses Halston Sage For 'Townies'

Zac Efron Kisses Halston Sage For 'Townies'


Zac Efron was caught on camera on the set of Townies kissing co-star Halston Sage dressed in a confederate soldier uniform. The picture captures Efron and Sage shooting a fraternity rally scene. While Efron is wearing the civil war-styled jacket and has a sword in his right hand, Sage seems to have commandeered his hat.

Efron's been photographed in a number of outfits on the Townies set, including a skintight fraternity t-shirt, jeans and a weed leaf belt. Another time he was spotted in a white button down, patterned skinny tie, slim gray slacks and penny loafers; and memorably in a red and white striped bathroom and blue sweats. But most notably, the 25-year-old heartthrob was photographed shirtless by sneaky Instagram users while he was shooting outside of an Abercrombie store.

In Townies, Efron is playing a college student who runs a popular frat. The frat's events and day-to-day shenanigans become a headache for one of the frat house's neighbors, played by Seth Rogen.

Although he suffered an injury to his hand earlier this month during the filming of a fight scene between him and costar Dave Franco, Efron seems to be back in action.

Rose Byrne, Lisa Kudrow and Super Bad's Christopher Mintz-Plasse also star in the Nicolas Stoller comedy.

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