Aaron Perlman, a weatherman in Bakersfield, Calif., went into a momentary panic when a spider fell on his head during a live broadcast.

Mid-weather report, Perlman jerks his head, and brushes off something invisible to the viewer. The spider apparently dropped down onto his head, scaring Perlman who is afraid of spiders.

Perlman laughed, but was clearly a bit unsettled by the eight-legged creature. He jumped around the stage to get to the other side of the screen, telling the newscaster off camera, “I hate spiders, man! Especially when you’re bald you feel them crawling on your head.”

Perlman laughed about the close encounter and continued on with the weather as best he could, stopping briefly to apologize.

“I apologize, sorry. I’m creeped out now, I’m going to step back over here, I’m not standing on that wall,” Perlman said as he moved from stage left to stage right, away from the offending spider.

Perlman went on with the daily forecast before spotting the spider on the studio floor and taking a giant step to stomp on it.

The video quickly went viral, even winding up on CNN

Perlman has kept his sense of humor about the incident, expressing his delight at being mentioned on the cable news channel despite his not being able to see it.

When he did see his CNN appearance, Perlman immediately tweeted about the event, asking CNN’s Jeanne Moos, “What are you afraid of?”

Perlman has a reputation for being a goofy and entertaining weatherman personality. His religious band ‘SAME but DIFFERENT’ recorded a theme song called “Hey! Hey! Mornings” to accompany a commercial for Eyewitness News Mornings in 2013.

And he also appeared on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance in 2011, auditioning with a “contemporary hip-hop” dance he called “The Weatherman Boogie.” Needless to say, Perlman didn’t make the cut and failed to get passed his first audition.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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