His name is Malachy, and he's super cute

Malachy is the man of the hour — or dog of the hour, rather. The cute and furry Pekingese pup won "Best in Show" Tuesday at the Westminster Kennel Club, held at Madison Square Garden.

Weighing in at a tiny 11 pounds, four-year-old Malachy defeated much bigger competitors for the top honor, including a Dalmatian, a German shepherd, a Doberman pinscher and an Irish setter. "He saved all his energy for the ring today," handler David Fitzpatrick told Boston.com, before remarking on Malachy's signature gait. "No other dog moves like this," he said.

"Super dog, and he had a stupendous night," Judge Cindy Vogels said. "There's a lot of dog in a small package."

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