The residents of Chester’s Mill ran wild in Monday’s episode of Under the Dome, ‘The Endless Thirst.’

After a government issued missile failed to break through the dome in the previous episode, the people of Chester’s Mill are freaking out – what is strong enough to stop a bomb? Unsure and scared, the townspeople become consumed with the idea that they will soon run out of water, food and fuel and begin a series of riots and looting sprees.

Sheriff Linda (Natalie Martinez) tries her best to diffuse the situation, but with Deputy Junior (Alexander Koch) busy searching for his escaped prisoner, Angie (Britt Robertson) after she runs away from him again, and Big Jim (Dean Norris) stuck trying to barter fuel for water, the situation escalades faster than she can control. Good thing Barbie (Mike Vogel) is always around and willing to help! Linda tries to make him Deputy, but Barbie refuses the badge, and we quickly see why. When trying to stop looters at a general store, Barbie goes after one of the offenders and almost beats him to death. Power and anger don’t mix well for Barbie, who is probably also still in the mindset of a soldier: kill or be killed. Still, the two work together as effectively as one might imagine, and Junior and the other young deputies also lend a helping hand.

Meanwhile, Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) and Dodee (Jolene Purdy) go off on a mission to try to find the source of a signal that is blocking the radio airwaves – not only leaving the town without means of communication, but also leaving them with no source of information on the outside world.

Big Jim, it turns out, would not have let Angie go free if it hadn’t been for the bomb headed their way, and when he finds out that she escaped from crazy Junior’s clutches, he orders Junior to find her before she gets the chance to tell anybody that Junior kidnapped her, or else. Of course, Angie’s luck isn’t that horrible, and she manages to find shelter in the dinner with Rose (Beth Broderick). Rose believes Angie when she tells her about Junior and Big Jim holding her in their underground bunker. Despite Rose and Big Jim’s flirty relationship, she puts a comforting arm around Angie’s shoulders and promises her that she will be safe.

Oh, Rose, if only you knew! The looting has swept the town, and soon two young thugs break into the dinner and demand that Rose give them her food supplies. Rose refuses, but the boys tell her that she has no authority now – the town is stuck under the dome for good, and supplies are dwindling; it’s every man for himself. Rose and Angie put up a good fight, but, in the end, Angie is knocked unconscious and Rose is beaten to death with a baseball bat (yikes!)

Lucky for Angie, just when one of the boys is getting ready to rape her, Barbie bursts in, knocks him out and saves Angie. Not so luckily, the Sheriff’s car tires have been slashed, and Barbie foolishly gives Angie to Big Jim, who volunteers to drive her to the clinic.

Away from the chaos, Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) drags Joe (Colin Ford) around town to steal insulin from local diabetics for her mother Alice (Samantha Mathis). After missing her last dose, a delusional Alice inadvertently causes a truck to crash into the water tower. No one was injured, but a pipe burst, leaving the town water supply in jeopardy.

Alice is taken to the hospital, but their supply of insulin has been drained! Desperate to save her mother, Norrie steals a list of diabetic patients from the hospital, and tries to break into their homes for the insulin. Joe and Norrie’s first attempted robbery is unsuccessful: the homeowner catches them and tells them that he has already taken his last dose of insulin (he also points a riffle at them and not so politely tells them to leave). On their second attempt, they stumble into a nice, seemingly abandoned home. Norrie heads to the fridge and finds quite a few bottles of insulin doses – jackpot!

On their way out, Joe and Norrie come face to face with a little boy. His mother had gone shopping and left him alone because, now that the dome has appeared, he’s a big boy, he tells them. He even does his own shots now. Looking at the little diabetic boy, Norrie doesn’t have the heart to take his insulin and grabs just one dose before instructing Joe to put the rest back in the fridge.

The pair are on their way to getting Norrie’s mother her insulin when they are stopped by Julia and Dodee. Dodee, being the tech genius that she is, has put together a device to detect the origin of the strange radio-blocking signal, and it goes crazy when they drive by Joe and Norrie. Dodee is sure the signal comes from them, but how?

Confronted by Julia and Dodee, Joe and Norrie decide to show them the video of their joint seizures. Julia thinks that they are connected to the dome, and, to test their theory, the group goes to the dome and Joe and Norrie touch it together. All of a sudden, the radios spark back to life – the strange signal is gone! Norrie is clearly freaked out, and, wanting to get out of there as fast as possible, she tells the adults that she doesn’t have time to deal with this now, takes Joe, and runs off to the clinic.

And then, all of a sudden it starts raining, even though there are no storm clouds outside of Chester’s Mill. Could the dome be creating a self-sustaining environment? Who cares, it’s raining, and, as Dodee conveniently points out, the evaporation cycle has filtered the methane-laced water from the lake, so the town should now be able to replenish a bit of its water supply!

Back in the car, Dodee and Julia consider the possibility that the dome is protecting the people of Chester’s Mill, and that it’s allegiance is somehow connected to Joe and Norrie. Dodee finds it hard to believe that the dome is that good, and says that they need to tell Big Jim about Joe and Norrie. Thankfully, Julia shuts that idea down – she knows that if the town finds out about Joe and Norrie being tied to the dome (possibly even being the power source of the dome), then something terrible would happen to them. Dodee agrees to keep their secret, for now…

Later, Julia reunites with Barbie and the two comfort each other – in other words, they kiss in the rain! Romantic, and yet, strange considering he accidentally killed her husband and she has been talking about her husband for the past five episodes. Still, swoon!

Finally, Angie wakes up in Big Jim’s house (oh no!), but Big Jim says he won’t lock her up again. Instead, he wants to make a deal: he will keep Junior away from her forever, and will provide her with anything she needs (that includes money, shelter, water, batteries, etc), if she agrees not to tell anyone what happened between her and Junior. Angie gets her brother included in the deal, and they are about to make it official when an especially threatening-looking Junior walks in.

Under the Dome continues next week with ‘Imperfect Circles,’ airing Monday at 10 P.M. on CBS.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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