The Vampire Diaries "She's Come Undone" picked up with brothers Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) increasing their efforts to bring back the old Elena (Nina Dobrev). Meanwhile, Silas continues to plague Caroline (Candice Accola) while continuing his shape shifting in pursuit of Bonnie (Kat Graham).

The episode opens up with Damon controlling Elena's mind to show her all of the normal teenage things she could be doing – going to high school, hanging out with her friends, etc. When Caroline steps in to play her part in the attempted intervention, Elena attacks. Thankfully for Caroline, she's quicker than the young vampire and snaps her friend's neck.

Stefan and Damon aren't afraid of using violence and pain to get to Elena either. They're under the impression that scaring her will get her to go back to normal, so they decide to literally burn her to her senses without her dayring on. After lighting her arm on fire, Damon then goes for her face as Stefan stays on the sidelines playing the good cop. Elena ultimately bests them as she pulls back the curtain herself, effectively lighting body on fire and proving their pain game was no match for her.

Meanwhile, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Katherine appear to be teaming up and Matt (Zach Roerig), behind in all of his subjects, is trying to use an app to learn Italian. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has returned back to Mystic Falls from his trip to New Orleans. On his return, Klaus attempts to get Caroline to go back to New Orleans with him. But – it's not Klaus, it's Silas (Scott Parks) in disguise, as he continues his efforts to speak to Bonnie. Silas also takes on the appearance of Caroline's mother in the episode.

When Damon and Stefan use Katherine in their efforts with Elena, she allows her to escape. Elena then seems to have some sympathy for Matt, a notion that is quickly dispelled when she goes to get some of his blood. In a dramatic turn, Damon starts to threaten to kill Matt in an attempt to get to Elena. She says she doesn't believe him, but just then he snaps Matt's neck. Thankfully Matt, one of the last remaining humans in Mytic Falls was wearing the ring and lives. The thought of losing Matt is finally the catalyst that brings Elena to remorseful tears.

However, her killer instinct still remains, as she now as her eyes on Katherine, who's been offered her freedom from Bonnie.

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