October 31, 2014

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The Mole Revealed On Latest Episode Of 'Scandal'

The Mole Revealed On Latest Episode Of 'Scandal'


The mole was uncovered in the ABC drama Scandal, starring Kerry Washington and created by Shonda Rhimes, in the season's second-to-last episode, “Any Questions?”

President Grant (Tony Goldwyn), whom Olivia Pope (Washington) has been sleeping with, wavers on his decision for reelection before ultimately deciding to go through with it despite the drama his affair has created with the First Lady. And later, an unknown figure asks Jake (Scott Foley) for a tape of Olivia sleeping him, and upon receiving the tape the figure then seeks out Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and tells him that Charlie needs to go.

It’s a rough episode for Charlie, as he is later captured by Huck (Guillermo Diaz). Huck nearly kills Charlie while interrogating him about the mole, but Quinn (Katie Lowes) stops him, which is a decision that comes back to haunt her when Huck and Quinn learn that the Cytron card, crucial to proving that the election was rigged in Defiance, Ohio, was fixed, has gone missing. They suspect Charlie just after he has been released from their grasp.

Olivia initially believes Sally Langston (Kate Burton) is the mole, however she eventually learns that the official mole is Billy Chambers (Matt Lestcher), and it turns out that Chambers has been in cahoots with Charlie and David Rosen (Joshua Malina).

How will things shake out in the season finale? Tune in next Thursday on ABC at 10 p.m. ET.

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