October 30, 2014

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'ÂThe Bachelor'ÂÂ Recap: Juan Pablo Introduces Nikki To His Daughter; Sharleen Chooses To Say Goodbye

'˜The Bachelor'€™ Recap: Juan Pablo Introduces Nikki To His Daughter; Sharleen Chooses To Say Goodbye


The Bachelor, on location in Juan Pablo Galavis’ home city of Miami this week, saw the playing field narrowed down to four – and another glimpse into the Bachelor’s life outside the show.

The Bachelor Recap

Before meeting up with the six remaining women, Juan Pablo pays a visit to his daughter Camila. While catching up with a few family members, he intimates to a cousin that Sharleen might be the one, using the same three adjectives he describes her with daily – elegant, classy and sexy. Meanwhile, Sharleen, who’s been telling the girls she’s not so sure if she’d be up for introducing him to her family should she get a rose this week, learns she’s received the first one-on-one.

On the date, Juan Pablo and Sharleen float about on the deck of a boat, making out more than taking. She admits to Team Bachelor that she finds Juan Pablo attractive, but isn’t quite sure that they connect intellectually. Lying down again beside each other – this time on a beach – Juan Pablo asks her where she’s at. While she admits she’s more open to change now than she was at the start, she stumbles when asked how she feels about introducing him to her parents, saying, “I think I can.”

Sharleen Shares Her Doubts About Juan Pablo

Back at the hotel, Sharleen pays a visit to resident mom and psychologist, Renee, to share her concerns about her feelings – or lack thereof – for Juan Pablo. She claims that she doesn’t want to take a rose from any of the other girls who might feel more strongly for the former soccer player. Renee urges her competitor to stick around and see where things go, lest she have any regrets.

Later on, Sharleen confesses her reservations to Chelsie, Andi and Clare. Unlike Renee, none of them try to dissuade her from leaving. In any case, Sharleen has made up her mind. When Juan Pablo gets back, she’s going to his room and telling him it’s time for her to go.

Nikki Meets Camila & Carla

Someone who’s pretty certain about her feelings for Juan Pablo, and his for her, is Nikki. The girls are miffed when Nikki frets that her date will include dancing, thinking she should feel lucky to have time alone with him at all. Luckily for Nikki, she’ll only have to watch dancing – a girls dance recital starring Camila. Not only does the first portion of the date include an introduction to her “boyfriend’s” four-year-old, but also to his baby-mama Carla and his parents.

Nikki, who reveals to Team Bachelor, “I’m in love with Juan Pablo,” heads with him to his “office,” which doubles as the Miami Marlins ballpark. Impressively, Nikki manages to toss around a baseball in a mini-skirt and shirt that plunges nearly to her navel on the vacant MLB field before the couple sits down for a picnic. They talk about their day, and Nikki asks Juan Pablo about his family, including Camila’s mother. It’s starting to look more and more like Nikki gets the final rose.

Sharleen Leaves, Andi Wins The Group Date

After his nice day with Nikki, Juan Pablo gets a late night visit from Sharleen. Cuddling on the couch with the Bachelor, Sharleen begins her spiel by admitting she had an amazing date with him the other day. However, she doesn’t think she feels as strongly as she's supposed to in this stage of the courting process. And, basically, she doesn’t think there’s any way she’ll be wanting a ring from him in three weeks time. She also repeats what she said to the girls – she doesn’t want to take the place of anyone who wants it more.

Juan Pablo tries to soothe her tears and adds, "Here, even though it's not easy, you get to know yourself better, and you get to see if you're prepared, and what you're not prepared for." He also makes a light-hearted joke about wishing she’d have sung for him more before he had to say goodbye. All in all, Juan Pablo handles the situation gracefully. When he sits down for his Team Bachelor chat, he can't help but tear up, while complimenting Sharleen for being honest with him.

The final group date on this season of the Bachelor saw Andi, Chelsie, Clare and Renee head out on a pontoon plane with Juan Pablo. They each get a little bit of one-on-one time. Chelsie uses the time to share some funny notes from her mom and Andi and Clare get a bit weepy, worrying about where they stand and their vulnerability. Juan Pablo ultimately selects Andi for some additional alone time, and takes her out dancing.

Rose Ceremony

With Sharleen out of the picture, Juan Pablo only has to pick one more woman to send home. Not surprisingly, he chooses to say goodbye to Chelsie, which means Nikki, Andi, Clare and Renee will all get the chance to introduce Juan Pablo to their families and show them around their hometowns next week.

– Chelsea Regan

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