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Kitsch: 'John Carter Got Me Through Customs'

Kitsch: 'John Carter Got Me Through Customs'


He plays the lead in one of the biggest movies this year, but to a Phillipines customs official, Taylor Kitsch was just another nobody who had run out of blank pages in his passport.

Kitsch, 30, who is best known for playing high school football star Tim Riggins on TV's Friday Night Lights, was trying to get through to the Phillipines to film Oliver Stone's latest, Savages, when a customs officer threatened to turn him back. Despite displaying a work permit and arguing that he was a well-known actor in the U.S., the officer remained unconvinced. That's when Kitsch — who told this story while on The Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday night — pulled out his iPhone and played the trailer for John Carter, which luckily got him through.

You can watch the interview here, via the Washington Post.

Watch the latest trailer for John Carter, out March 9, here:

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  • Mijon Zulu

    It sucks to famous....not!

    - Posted by Mijon Zulu @ 03/06/12, 02:17 pm

  • A Grinshpan

    Wow, that's crazy.

    - Posted by A Grinshpan @ 03/05/12, 11:00 am

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