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Taco Bell President Jokingly Calls For Justin Bieber's Deportation

Taco Bell President Jokingly Calls For Justin Bieber's Deportation


Taco Bell president Brian Niccol participated in a Reddit AMA on Thursday – the day the fast food chain launched their breakfast menu – and answered one question with a Justin Bieber joke.

Taco Bell Pokes Fun At Justin Bieber

While Americans now have the benefit of enjoying a Taco Bell breakfast, their neighbors to the north in Canada aren't so lucky. When a Reddit user asked when the menu would be coming to Cananda, Niccol had the perfect response: “When you take Justin Bieber back.”

Taco Bell president Brian Nicol

During the AMA, Niccol also gave a jokey response to a user who wanted to know if sales had increased in Colorado following the state’s legalization of marijuana. He quipped they’d increased 420%, before playing naïve and asking, “But seriously, what is 4/20?”

When asked if the short-lived Bell Beefer would be making a comeback, Niccol empathetically replied, “I’m terribly sorry. That is not happening anytime soon.” What Niccol does wish to add to the Taco Bell menu is some beer.

– Chelsea Regan

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