Pretty, mean girl Morgan McLeod was eliminated at Tribal Council and Spencer Bledsoe won immunity in episode 7 of Survivor: Cagayan.

Pretty, mean girl Morgan McLeod was eliminated at Tribal Council and Spencer Bledsoe won immunity in episode 7 of Survivor: Cagayan.

After Tribal Council, Kass McQuillen returns to camp with Spencer, who criticizes her move at Tribal Council, which sent Sarah Lacina out of the competition. Kass thinks her strategy is sound and declares herself a free agent. The next morning, Kass is confronted with a new source of conflict: Morgan. Kass is frustrated with Morgan because she won’t help around the Solarrion camp, although, Morgan tells us, “She is a bitter, ugly, old lady. And I think she hates me because I’m cuter than her and have always been cuter than her.”

Reward Challenge

In the game, the contestants get ready for a reward challenge – winners get a meal from Outback Steakhouse, complete with steaks, sides and drinks. The remaining players are split into two teams, the Orange team and the Purple team.

On the Orange team are Spencer, Jeremiah Wood, Morgan, Jefra Bland and LJ McKanas, leaving Tony Vlachos, Woo Hwang, Trish Hegarty and Tasha Fox on team Purple. The challenge: get through an obstacle course in the water to reach a chest that they must then drag to the base of a tower. Once at the tower, teams are expected to climb the tower and pull the chest up. When the chest is up, two tribe members will be allowed to begin solving a vertical puzzle.

It’s a tight race, with the Purple team managing to complete the first part of the challenge before Orange, giving them a head start on the vertical puzzle. But, while Woo and Kass struggle with the puzzle, LJ and Spencer from the Orange team figure it out and win the challenge.

Spencer’s lucky steak continued after his feast with the Orange team when he finds a hidden immunity idol clue in his napkin. At camp, he goes off to search for the idol and is tailed by Woo. Soon, the entire camp gets involved, but Spencer wins out and finds the idol. Unfortunately, it’s a normal idol that cannot be used after voting. So, it’s off to the immunity challenge: endurance.

Spencer Wins The Endurance Immunity Challenge

In the immunity challenge, players must balance on their toes on a block above swampy water. They stand in a wooden frame, keeping a block held between the top of their heads and the top of the frame. When they get tired and the block falls, they lose, and the last person standing will receive immunity.

Kass was first out, lasting only a few seconds, Jeremiah was next, with Trish and Tony dropping her block soon after. 25 minutes later, Morgan and Woo are down for the count, 35 minutes after that Jefra falls, leaving three contestants standing on their tip toes with aching leg muscles. LJ falls after the hour, leaving Tasha and Spencer. Spencer looks wobbly, but in the end, it’s Tasha who falls first and Spencer wins immunity.

'Queen' Morgan Is Voted Out

In preparation for the Tribal Council, the new majority alliance decides to go after Morgan. They don’t think she really deserves to compete and she’s not worth saving with an idol. On the other side, Spencer rallies the contestants to vote out Tony, who he deems vulnerable after already using up his idol. Aware that even if they all vote for Tony, the minority still won’t have enough votes, Spencer approaches Kass to try to persuade her to vote with them, but she stands firm in her newfound ‘free agent’ status and wants Morgan gone for good.

In a last ditch plea to stay, Morgan tries to excuse her lazy behavior by saying that she’s just used to people doing everything for her because of her good looks. (NOTE: Yes, that would be the Mean Girls defense.) No surprise, Morgan’s self-praise does little to sway the votes in her favor, and she is voted out.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

– Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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