October 23, 2014

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Sultan Kösen, World's Tallest Man, Gets Married In Turkey

Sultan Kösen, World's Tallest Man, Gets Married In Turkey


Sultan Kösen, the world's tallest living man at 8'3, married 5'8 Merve Dibo Sunday in Turkey.

Kösen, 30, received the title of tallest living man in 2009 when he measured at 8'1'' — in 2011 he was measured at 8'3'' — and said that he hoped his newfound fame would help him find love, since his height scared most women. His wish came true when he met Syrian-born Dibo through a mutual friend two months ago. Despite Dibo's taller-than-average height, she is still about two feet and six inches shorter than her husband. "At first everyone around me told me not to marry him because of his height," Dibo said. "But I fell in love with his heart, not his height. His height doesn't bother me at all.”

Kösen and Dibo, 21, were married in a lavish ceremony in Mardin, Turkey, that included guests such as Abdullah Gul, the president of Turkey; Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey; and a representative from Guinness World Records. The guests numbered at around 1,500, and the wedding cake was nearly Kösen's height. The couple hopes to have two children in the future.

Kösen's height results from a tumor that affected his pituitary gland and gave him too much growth hormone, forcing him to use crutches in order to walk. He has received Gamma Knife treatment for the tumor and medication to control his excess levels of growth hormone. Kösen also holds the world record for largest hand span and foot size. His hands are 11.22 inches, and his feet are 14.4 inches, making his shoe size 28.

Kösen was born into a family whose other members stand at normal height. He was unable to complete schooling due to his height and works part time as a farmer.

Before Kösen, the tallest living man — and the tallest man on record — was Robert Pershing Wadlow, who stood at 8'11'' and died in 1940.

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