A secret scene that rolls after the credits in 'The Avengers' features the super hero team doing something they are seldom seen doing

The Marvel movie franchise has become famous for including last-minute "secret scenes" to be played after the credits roll, so why would they make an exception for The Avengers? If you haven't seen the all-star superhero movie yet, or if you made a beeline for the bathroom the minute the screen turned black, then what follows is definitely a spoiler — so be warned.

After the team of Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Thor has wrapped up their business of saving the world and all, they all head off for a bite to eat at a good shawarma restaurant that Tony Stark recommended. The scene, which was actually filmed two days after the Hollywood premiere of The Avengers, was inspired by a line improvised by Robert Downey, Jr., according to EW.com.

Apparently, the scene has also resulted in a boost for the shawarma restaurant business, according to TMZ.