Joyce Giraud, Johnny Wactor and Neeko Skervin star in NBC's 'Siberia'

Siberia’s season premiere last week introduced 16 “contestants” on the fictional survivor show, but only 13 now remain after Tommy’s (Tommy Mountain) death and George (George Dickson) and Victoria’s (Victoria Emilie Hill) decisions to get out before meeting their ends as well.

Tommy died out in the woods, a reality that Esther (Esther Anderson) is finding hard to wrap her head around. She’s not the only one deeply troubled by the loss of the fellow contestant – Daniel (Daniel Sutton) seems poised to call it quits, while George is determined to figure out exactly how Tommy was slain. When the show’s host reiterates the dangers they’re likely to face in the remote location, George decides it’s better to not take the risk of meeting the same fate as Tommy and takes his 5 grand and leaves, reasoning that $500,000 isn’t worth risking never seeing his family again.

‘Siberia’ Premiere: Mockumentary ‘Survivor’ Show Hits NBC; Contestant Tommy Dies – Or Does He?

Natalie (Natalie Scheetz) flip-flops about whether or not to leave, thinking that if the danger was great enough more people would follow in George’s footsteps. George, meanwhile, ponders whether he made the cowardly choice in forfeiting. Before Natalie can change her mind, the horn sounds to summon them to receive the day’s first clues – bullets and a map. Surmising that the map leads to a gun, Neeko (Neeko Skervin) opts to hold onto the bullets while the contestants pair off to locate the rifle located at the “X.”

When Neeko, Daniel and Irene (Irene Yee) find the location, they realize the gun has already been discovered by someone else. Milijan (Milijan Milosevic) and Esther meet up with the trio, and they begin to suspect that Johnny (Johnny Wactor) – who’s gone missing – has run off with the rifle. Neeko eventually realizes that the bullets are no longer in their box and demands Johnny hand them over.

Away from the drama, Daniel is sniffing out the area Tommy was killed in, while Esther feeds Victoria raw mushrooms. It’s too bad Victoria couldn’t wait a bit longer to eat, as the horn soon sounds again revealing a shed full of food. Once again trying to take charge, Neeko suggests they incrementally ration the food out. Johnny disagrees, believing they should have control of their own individual stores of food. Sam (Sam Dobbins) agrees with Neeko, much to Johnny’s dismay. Unfortunately for Johnny, he also manages to chop the tip of his finger off, but refuses to leave the game.

Daniel, still prowling about in the woods, finds a patch that’s covered in blood and a massive animal print. Then, bidding the camera crew to follow close behind him, he calls into a cave. Sabina (Sabina Akhmedova) emerges and tells him to go back to camp and the others. She joins him on the walk, on which they become distracted by cave drawings.

At the cabin, Victoria is violently ill. They’re all concerned, but have no idea that mushrooms are the culprit since Esther won’t admit to feeding them to her. Once Natalie realizes they’re the likely cause, Annie (Anne-Marie Mueschke) comes to the rescue, shoving her fingers down Victoria’s throat to get her to throw them up. Though most of the mushrooms get out of her system, she’s clearly still unwell. The other contestants debate whether they should let her ride it out, or arrange an emergency exit that would require one of them to leave the game as a sacrifice.

Sabina and Daniel finally get back to camp, and Daniel tries to tell the other contestants about the sounds they were hearing in the woods. No one takes him seriously and he feels defeated. Thankfully, Victoria manages to regain consciousness and seems fully lucid when Neeko goes to check on her. She reveals that she’s decided to leave and suggests that the rest of them follow her lead. Why? While high on ‘shrooms she saw that they’re all going to die out there.

Siberia airs Mondays on NBC at 10/9c.

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