October 23, 2014

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Sandra Bullock Returns - With A Big Kiss

Sandra Bullock Returns - With A Big Kiss


Ever the trooper, Sandra Bullock put on a brave face Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards, as she made her first public appearance since the highly public split from husband and alledged adulterer Jesse James.

Bullock, who was nominated for her role in The Blind Side and Best Kiss from The Proposal, was also honored with MTV's Generation Award for her outstanding and resilient career. Former co-stars Bradley Cooper (All About Steve) and Betty White (The Proposal) and an awkward Scarlett Johansson, all took the stage to pay homage to Bullock. Johansson later hinted that after watching Bullock kiss her husband Ryan Reynolds, she was curious about the actress' skills. As per usual, there was some girl-on-girl kissing action, albeit awkward and strained.

Pre-kiss, Bullock looked radiant and received a standing ovation from the audience. "I'd like to clear up a few things," she told the audience. "Number 1: I'm not dead, [and] number 2, everybody has cellulite, not just me. Paparazzi need more flattering lenses."

After her action with ScarJo, she begged the audience, "Now can we please go back to normal?" Though it was quite clear she wasn't talking about her sexual tension. –ELENA COX

Bradley Cooper & Betty White present


Bullock/Johansson kiss


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  • Default User image

    I thought Scarlett being awkward and silly on stage was really funny (and somewhat appropriate seeing as Bullock was nominated for kissing her husband). KStew being super awkward, however ... not cute.

    - Posted by ngarun @ 06/08/10, 07:25 am

  • algree03

    Scarlett; PLEASE stop looking so awkward and out of place. You're suppose to be an actress, so why don't you act like you belong there?

    - Posted by algree03 @ 06/07/10, 01:39 pm

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