Asiana Flight 214’s crash landing into San Francisco International Airport on Saturday took the lives of two 16-year old girls – Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia – and wounded nearly 200 other passengers. New video footage of the plane’s dangerous descent shows the pilot’s futile attempt to abort the landing.

The National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the aviation accident and is now in possession of the plane’s two black boxes. Pilot error remains a possible explanation for the fatal crash, as mechanical failure has been ruled out by Asiana Airlines. The cockpit crew will soon be interviewed by investigators, according to NTSB chairman Deborah Hersman.

"A lot of this is not about the plane telling him [the pilot], it’s about the pilot’s recognition of what’s going on . . . to be able to assess what’s happening and make the right inputs to make sure they’re in a safe situation,” Hersman told The Washington Post. “That’s what we expect from pilots. We want to understand what happened in this situation.”

Just 1.5 seconds prior to the crash landing, the flight crew made a last ditch effort to abort the landing and retake the skies to circle around and make another effort at the landing. As can be seen in the startling video, the nose of the plane rises just before the plane makes contact with the ground. The tail of the plane was the first section to hit, striking a seawall of rocks, before the body of the plane skidding onto the runway and burst into flames, according to eyewitnesses.

Of the 182 injured passengers, most are suffering from internal bleeding, fractures and blunt force injuries. Two of the wounded are said to be paralyzed as a result of the crash. Both President Barack Obama and the NTSB have lauded the efforts of the first responders that helped save the lives of many of the passengers.

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