October 22, 2014

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Rachel Jeantel, Juror B37 Speak Out About George Zimmerman Trial

Rachel Jeantel, Juror B37 Speak Out About George Zimmerman Trial


Rachel Jeantel, the young woman who was friends with Trayvon Martin and spoke with him over the phone in the moments leading up to his death, has opened u[ about her experience on the stand during George Zimmerman's murder trial.

The one thing she wish she had said on the stand that she hadn’t was the word “N---a,” she told CNN host Piers Morgan. “The whole world say it’s a racist word,” she said. “That mean a male,” she explained, “any kind of male. Any kind. Chinese can say n---a. That’s my Chino, n---a. They can say that. But n---r,” she added, “I’ll advise you not to use that … because that’s a racist word.”

Jeantel went on to clarify the quote of Martin’s that she had repeated for the jury – “creepy ass cracka.” Again, Jeantel places emphasis on the word ending in an “a” rather than the more offensive “er.” She says that word referrs to a person of authority, including police officers and security guards. An anonymous, dubbed juror B37, was empathetic, stating her opinion that Martin’s slang reference to Zimmerman wasn’t racially motivated. “I think it’s everyday life — the type of life that they live and how they’re living and the environment that they’re living in,” she said, according to the Miami Herald.

Another topic that was used to paint Martin as the aggressor rather than the victim was his apparent marijuana use. Jeantel admitted that Martin occasionally smoked, though no more than the average boy of his age in the area. “For Trayvon — I can explain one thing. Weed don’t make him go crazy. It just make him go hungry… it make him go hungry,” she told Morgan.

Jeantel’s testimony, which was often hard to hear and for some to understand, was much-criticized. Some have even suggested that it was largely detrimental to the state’s case, where it could have been critically helpful. “I am a Miami girl,” Jeantel told CBS, defending herself. “You going to have your haters. You’re going to have your opinions. They’re going to have their opinions. All that. That’s ok. You not going to hurt me because I’m still going to live my life. But Trayvon’s situation, I learned something from that: Live your life to the fullest. ‘Cause you never know what’s going to happen.”

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