Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, plan to visit the Game of Thrones set during their visit to Northern Ireland later this month.

Queen Elizabeth To Tour 'Game Of Thrones' Studio

“As part of the visit to Northern Ireland The Queen and The Duke will tour the @GameOfThrones set in the Titanic quarter #Belfast #GoT,” read a post by the British Monarchy’s official Twitter.

The Game of Thrones studio set in Northern Ireland is located in Belfast, though the series also shoots on location at a variety of spots elsewhere in the country as well. The Wall at Castle Black, the Eyrie and scenes from Winterfell in seasons 1 and 2 were all shot around Northern Ireland.

Game of Thrones production, believed to be the biggest TV production in Europe, has brought an estimated $139 to Northern Ireland, according to he Belfast Telegraph. It’s also credited with creating 900 full-time and 5,600 part-time jobs in the region.


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