Nick Stahl is best known for his role in 'Terminator 3'

Nick Stahl, star of Terminator 3, was placed on a 5150 – involuntary psychiatric hold – in a Los Angeles hospital early Tuesday morning.

Stahl, 33, has long struggled with alcohol, drugs and other personal problems. He was taken to the hospital by a friend around 3:30 am, TMZ reported. No specific reason as to why he was placed under this hold has been given, but a 5150 occurs when officials deem an individual to have a mental disorder that causes him to be a danger to himself or others.

Stahl just last month said he was turning his life around and getting better. “Everything's getting good,” he told TMZ. “Everything's turning around … in a really good way."

Stahl has dealt with legal issues and personal problems for a long time. In early May 2012, he went missing for over a week. Though he was known to disappear for a day or so in the past – he doesn’t carry a cell phone, making it hard to track him – this time extended for several weeks. He emailed his friends on May 18 saying that he was entering drug rehabilitation for 30 days. He checked in safely on May 19, but left against doctor’s orders in early June. He disappeared briefly again after that, but his now-ex wife Roes Murphy-Stahl decided not to actively search for him as she had in May.

Stahl, a former child star, has acted in such films as 1993’s The Man Without a Face and 1994’s Safe Passage.