Harrison Okene's rescue from inside of a sunken tugboat after spending a total of three days 100 feet under water can be seen in a new video.

Video Shows Harrison Okene's Rescue

Okene, a native of Nigeria, had been working as a cook on a tugboat off the Nigerian coast when a wave capsized the vessel back in May. The lone survivor of the 12 individuals on board, Okene managed to find, and remain in an air pocket to keep himself alive. Three days after the seafaring accident, South African rescue divers came upon him as they made their way through the wreckage

“There’s someone alive!” shouts rescue diver Nico Van Heerden. “He’s alive! He’s alive!” adds Heerden’s supervisor Colby Werrett in the LiveLeak video. “Ok, keep him there, keep him there. Just hold him there. Keep him there. F–king hell, I don’t know what we are going to do now.”

Harrison Okene Survived Harrowing Ship Wreck

Ultimately, Van Heerden and Werrett were joined by other divers who provided supplies. The visibly unnerved Okene received calming words from the men bringing him to safety. “I’m going to bring you home, ok?” Werrett can be heard saying over the radio.

After spending two days in a decompression chamber where Okene’s health was monitored, he was deemed fit and able to return home.

– Chelsea Regan

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