October 25, 2014

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Missing Malaysia Boeing 777: 1 Passenger With Stolen Passport Identified; Oil Slick & Fragments Leads Proven False

Missing Malaysia Boeing 777: 1 Passenger With Stolen Passport Identified; Oil Slick & Fragments Leads Proven False


Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace over the weekend, travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Days later, investigators have uncovered the identity of one of the passengers who was traveling with a stolen passport, but are no closer to finding the missing aircraft.

Passengers Traveling With Stolen Passports ID'd

Though Malaysian authorities claim to know who one of the men who boarded the plane under an assumed identity is, they’re unwilling to offer detailed information about the individual at this time. They have confirmed, however, that the individual was not a native of Malaysia, nor of Xinjiang, China.

"I can confirm that he is not a Malaysian, but cannot divulge which country he is from yet," Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar told the Star, a major Malaysian newspaper

It’s been discovered that both men, who were captured on video by airport cameras, purchased their false passports around the same time, possibly suggesting coordination, according to ABC news.

ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News

Although authorities are considering that the two men with the passports could have been involved in the plane’s disappearance, they’re also considering alternative answers. For instance, it’s possible that the two men were drug smugglers, not terrorists. Furthermore, without the plane’s black box, it will be impossible for investigators to determine if the plane went down due to mechanical problems, pilot error or terrorism.

In addition to checking out the men who boarded with stolen passports, investigators are looking into every other individual who boarded the plane – from the passengers to the crewmembers.

Fragments, Oil Slick Irrelevant To Missing Plane

Yesterday, it had been reported that fragments spotted in Vietnamese waters near an oil slick – which was thought to have a possible connection to the plane – could have been parts of the aircraft. Now, however, officials have stated that neither the fragments nor the oil are related, reported CNN. Without any new leads in the area, they’ve been forced to expand the search area.

So far, the 36 aircraft and 40 ships from 10 counties, have failed to find a trace of the missing Boeing 777, which had been carrying 239 individuals.

– Chelsea Regan

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