October 25, 2014

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Miss America Nina Davuluri's Indian Heritage Leads To Racist Tweets

Miss America Nina Davuluri's Indian Heritage Leads To Racist Tweets


Nina Davuluri became the second Miss New York in so many years to be crowned Miss America, while also becoming the first winner of Indian heritage.

Davuluri’s crowning came with messages of support and pride, but also with some negativity on Twitter. Many of those who published racist and incendiary tweets have since deactivated their accounts, including a Twitter user JPLman95, who had tweeted, “Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11.” Luke Brasili had written, “9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America.” And, Savannah Dale posted, “Miss New York is an Indian.. With all do respect, this is America.”

Thankfully, Davuluri supports and those who take pride in the melting pot of cultures that compose the American people have taken to the new Miss America’s defense – including Bette Midler.

Prior to the Miss America pageant on Sunday evening, Davuluri was making waves on social media for an entirely different reason. It had come to light that the crowned Miss New York had made disparaging remarks about the reigning Miss America’s weight. She allegedly said behind close doors, “ ‘Mallory [Hagan]’s fat as f—k,” reported the New York Post.

At the time, an investigation by the Miss America board determined that Davuluri had not made the remark, but she took to Facebook to make amends nonetheless. “I want to apologize for the awful statements made by people in my room,” she wrote. “There were people who claimed to be my supporters and said things I never agreed with, nor supported . . . I was never a part of the words or statements that may have been hurtful . . . I’m sorry if someone said something that was inappropriate.”

Davuluri, whose platform was “celebrating diversity through cultural competency," performed a Bollywood fusion dance for her talent routine. Coming from a family of doctors practicing in both the United States and India, Davuluri hopes to pay for medical school with the help of her $50,000 scholarship winnings.

– Chelsea Regan

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