October 31, 2014

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Michael Cera Discusses ‘Magic Magic,’ Working With Juno Temple [Exclusive Video]

Michael Cera Discusses ‘Magic Magic,’ Working With Juno Temple [Exclusive Video]


Michael Cera’s new film, the thriller Magic Magic, shows a broader range for the actor best known for playing loveably nerdy characters. Cera recently discussed his preparation for the dark Sebastian Silvia film and working with Juno Temple in an exclusive interview with Uinterview.

“I went to Santiago; I was living with Sebastian’s family practicing Spanish and he showed up eventually,” Cera told Uinterview. “And everyday probably once a day we would talk about the movie—just because we were excited about the movie—and talk about the character and, yeah unwittingly it was like marinating and we were finding little things in the character and finding out how to do it and it all went into the soup.”

In the film, Cera plays the decidedly creepy Brink, who hides behind a façade of bravado and sexual advances on females to hide his homosexuality. Throughout the film he pursues Alicia (Temple), his friend’s cousin who’s paying her a visit in southern Chile, who slowly descends into madness through insomnia and hypnotism gone wrong.

When we asked what the most difficult scene was in Magic Magic to shoot, Cera replied, “I don’t know I mean… for me I didn’t have anything half as challenging as Juno, had to do physically [laughs] and emotionally in the movie. Continuing to compliment his costar, he added, “I mean she’s like doing these scenes where we’re shooting for like you know seven hours doing one scene where she’s like ferociously crying, and I think that’s very physically draining. Just watching her do that was impressive.”

Along with Magic Magic, Cera also worked with Silvia in Crystal Fairy, where he once again played-against-type, taking on the role of an adventurous twentysomething who gets high on a shamanistic hallucinogen while travelling in Chile to troubling consequences.

Cera was also recently seen in the Netflix-original fourth season of Arrested Development, returning as the awkward – and awkwardly named – George-Michael, and on the big screen in Seth Rogen's This Is the End.

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