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McStay Family Murder Update: Joseph McStay’s Father Names Three Suspects, Motives

McStay Family Murder Update: Joseph McStay’s Father Names Three Suspects, Motives


Joseph McStay’s father, now faced with the reality that his son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren are deceased, has come up with three suspects in their disappearance and apparent murders.

Patrick McStay Suspects 3 In Family’s Disappearance

"I have exhausted and have so much information on three possible persons of interest," Patrick McStay told CBS News. "All have a motive." Talking about on individual with a long rap sheet, which includes attempted murder, McStay said, "He has money, was in prison... He absolutely had a motive.”

“Somebody hired somebody. To kill a child is something totally different. You have to be a cold blooded killer,” he continued. "Only two things could have happened. Either there was a hired killer who killed them or the children could have recognized them - this person."

"I knew there was more to this,” McStay added. “I knew they didn't walk away.”

Gianni Giuseppe and Joseph Mateo McStay

McStay Remains Unearthed In Mojave Desert

On Nov. 13, an off-road motorcyclist came across bones in the Mojave Dessert on the outskirts of Victorville, Calif. DNA testing conducted on the remains in the shallow graves proved that they belonged to Joseph McStay and his wife Summer McStay. Other remains found at the scene are thought to be that of the couple’s children Joey, 3, and Gianni, 4, but are awaiting testing.

Michael McStay, Joseph's brother, admitted at a news conference that the news of the remains was difficult to bear, but that it also gave him some solace. "It's not really the outcome we were looking for... but it gives us courage to know that they're together and they're in a better place," he said. "It's been a tough road."

McStay Family Disappearance

In February 2010, the McStay family went missing from their home in Fallbrook, Calif., leaving behind their dogs and spoiling food on the counter. It launched ta massive missing person’s search that culminated in 2012 when the McStay’s Isuzo Trooper was discovered abandoned near the Mexico border. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department had determined that the McStay’s voluntarily fled to Mexico and turned the case over to the FBI.

– Chelsea Regan

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  • Robin

    Dan 3 minutes ago
    Well, let us see if my comments will be allowed this time. It seems that because I openly believe that Josephs brother, Mike, is responsible for, or has knowledge of the murders, my opinions are never posted. I have followed this case from the start and realize that the media prints things that are far from the truth and justify it with their "sources". The media needs to sell magazines and newspapers, it is what they do. To me, any murder investigation should begin with who would benefit the most from this person(s) death. A good percentage of murders are commited by some one the victims know. Family members, friends,etc. This is not a movie. To murder a family of 4 and bury them in the desert is no easy task. This was no car jacking, no drug cartel hit. It was some one close to the family. Some one the family trusted. That is how they were easily lured from the house with every intention of returning back shortly. It seems to me that is what the condition of their house shows. Only some one close to them would be able to access their computer to make it look like they showed interest in traveling to Mexico which the SDPD believed. This was not a spur of the moment crime, it was planned. The graves in the desert were already dug. I live 10 miles from where the bodies were found. Digging two graves in this soil is not easy. Shallow or not, it took time to dig those holes. This idea of some one had to be familiar with the area is crap. You pull 100 yards off the freeway and you are there. It seems Mike would be the one who would benefit the most from his brother being dead. Summer and the boys died because they could identify him. I believe that Mike was jealous of Joseph because his business was starting to take off, he had just bought a nice home, had money in the bank, he was happy. I think that Joseph shunned Mike and he could not take it any more and snapped. Joseph never saw it coming. With Joseph gone, Mike took over the business, had access to the bank account, even set up a family website that solicited donations from the public. Not just a national public, a world wide public. The website has been receiving donations for 4 years and continues to do so even after the family has been found. If you watch the video that shows Mike, Summers brother, and another male inside the house, Mike talks about removing the computer, a memory card from Summers camera, running a credit check on them and so on. Who does that? He says that the police told him he could take what he wanted. When the police found out they threatened to arrest him for obstruction. Instead of putting the family belongings in storage he sold it on Craigslist. He knew they were not coming back. Not even a month after they went missing he was making comments to a newspaper about looking for 2 adult shallow graves. If you watch all the interviews he has done with the media, he seems to enjoy the attention. He acts upset, I do not buy it. When he went to the graves and was dancing around on top of them, smiling, he was enjoying himself. Most people want to think that family would not do such a horrific thing to each other. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. More then one realizes. I do not know Mike. Have nothing personal against him. I feel bad that I believe he is involved. I only look at things with a open mind. Not from something I hear in the media. I pray that I am wrong. RIP Mcstay family. I know this will not go past "deliberation". Great, another media outlet that sensors what they publish. I, like everyone else in these forums, am entitled to my opinion. I am not attempting to slander anyone. Hell, I even know how to spell. Post it already

    - Posted by Robin @ 02/28/14, 01:08 am

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