October 25, 2014

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Madonna’s Homeless Brother Anthony Ciccone Says Sister Refuses To Help

Madonna’s Homeless Brother Anthony Ciccone Says Sister Refuses To Help


Madonna’s homeless brother, Anthony Ciccone, does not believe his millionaire sister cares about his well-being.

Ciccone, who lives on the streets of North Michigan, has long struggled with alcoholism. A few months ago, he was found to be living under a bridge in Traverse City, Mich. Ciccone claims that Madonna has done nothing to help him improve his life. “[She] doesn’t give a sh-t if I’m dead or alive,” he told the Daily Mail. “She lives in her own world.”

“I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me, “ he added. “We never loved each other.”

While it was reported back in 2011 that Ciccone was fired from his job at the family’s winery because of his alcohol problem, he now resents any inference of substance abuse. "I’m a human being, you can call me what you want. [Alcoholic] is a label, I don’t like it,” he explained to the Daily Mail. “I don’t need brain surgery, I merely need love and care of family and friends.”

Ciccone's family has reportedly tried to help their struggling relative in the past, according to family friend Kathy Meteyer. “He just can’t come back until he stops drinking, because they think it will kill him, it already kind of has,” she told the newspaper. “They have helped him so many times. Tony has put him through rehab and given him lots of chances. I think Madonna paid for rehab a few times. The alcohol has taken over his brain.”

Madonna is currently in Malawi, introducing her adopted children to their native country, according to The Independent. She plans to bring them back to their birthplace every two to three years.

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