October 25, 2014

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‘World War Z’ Spoilers: Brad Pitt Takes On The Zekes

‘World War Z’ Spoilers: Brad Pitt Takes On The Zekes


World War Z spoiler alert! Brad Pitt’s passion project, an adaptation of Max Brook's science-fiction novel of the same name, will feature a new kind of zombies that are even more fearsome than the standard undead depictions.

First of all, Zombies in World War Z are called Zekes. The viewer gets their first eyeful of the rotting creatures in the film as Gerry Lane (Pitt) and his family are trying to leave Philadelphia by car, but are stuck hopelessly in a grid of bumper to bumper traffic. The Zekes sprint (yes, sprint) through the throngs of cars and deliver flying head-butts to crash through windows to get their jaws on an intended victim. When Lane witnesses someone get bit, it takes but a few seconds for the human to become Zeke. Essentially, The Walking Dead's "Walkers" have nothing on these things.

World War Z has been criticized for being virtually unrecognizable to Brook’s novel, but one scene that was translated in the film adaptation was the breach of Jerusalem’s wall. The holy city builds an enormous wall all around its borders to keep out at the Zekes – an architectural effort that proves useful until the people inside burst into song. The singing agitates the Zekes outside to the point where they begin to clamber on top of one another, making a massive pile of hungry undead to scale the wall. Once over, it’s feeding time.

In the last World War Z trailer to be released, there was a glimpse of a scene of a zombie outbreak on an airplane. Spoilers indicate that a lone Zeke manages to get on the plane, and when a stewardess accidentally gives it passage to the cabin, a feeding frenzy ensues. One passenger then the next get turned until all of those in coach are infected. Lane, in business class, throws a grenade into the back of the plane. Naturally, the plane crashes; unnaturally, Lane and a friend manage to survive it.

World War Z, which also stars Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale, is slated to hit theaters June 21.

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