October 23, 2014

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‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: Ray Threaten's Mickey's Life, Abby Befriends Her Father-In-Law

‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: Ray Threaten's Mickey's Life, Abby Befriends Her Father-In-Law


Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) wakes up seemingly disoriented and a bit hung over from the night before in his Hollywood apartment. Staring out the window, he mindlessly wipes the blood of the bat he beat the stalker with before calling his assistant Lena (Katherine Moennig) to find out if a Boston priest had recently been murdered.

In Calabasas, Abby (Paula Malcomson) likewise wakens alone. She asks Mickey (Jon Voight), who spent the night, if Ray had come home. Soon enough Ray calls her, tries to assure her he didn’t sleep with the girl and asks if they can talk this morning. Abby, nervous about her husband discovering she’s housing his criminal father, asks if he can give her some time to get the kids to school – and Mickey to the boxing gym.

Before he heads home, Ray takes his brother Terry (Eddie Marsan) to get checked out at the doctor. When he brings Terry back to the gym, he spots his brother Bunch (Dash Mihok) chugging a beer on the stoop. Bunch tries to convince Ray to let Mickey back into his life, but Ray insists he doesn’t know “the half of it” when it comes to their father and urges Bunch to get back on the wagon. On his way home, he gets rerouted to the office by an urgent call from Lee (Peter Jacobson).

Lee is pissed that Ray broke Stu Feldman’s (Josh Pais) hand since he’s one of their biggest clients. When Ezra (Elliot Gould) comes in, he pulls Ray outside to tell him that Shawn didn’t show up to work and has holed himself up in his house. With Ezra on the way to Shawn’s, Ray tells Abby that their talk is going to have to wait until later. In a fit of vengeance, Abby decides to take the kids and Mickey to Malibu instead of school and the gym.

At Shawn’s, Ray learns that the actor received an old photograph of Mickey and Shawn captioned “Good Times.” As it turns out, when Shawn was a young unknown actor and high cocaine he shot Ray’s girlfriend in the head, but Ray and Shawn teamed up to send Mickey to prison for the crime. Shawn is fearful that since Mickey “breached his security” once, he can do it again. Ray reassures him he’ll take care of the situation.

While at Shawn’s, Ray gets a call from Tommy, whose sex life once again threatens his career. At rehab, he’s sent a video from a sexual acquaintance that features him giving a pre-op transgendered prostitute oral sex. Ray goes to the rehab facility and instructs Tommy to give the prostitute, Chloe, a call and ask her what she wants. She wants a million dollars so Ray tells Tommy to set up a meeting between them. At the meeting, Chloe says she wants the cash of a sex change operation and Ray seems likely to get her the million.

In Malibu, Mickey generously gives the kids and Abby money to buy themselves presents and gets alone time with each of them to pry into their personal lives. He asks Connor (Devon Bagby) if he’s gay and asks Abby about her marriage to his son. He tells Abby that Ray hates him because he was a bad father who did drugs and made a life of crime. After learning from Lena that a priest was killed in South Boston, Ray calls Abby who doesn’t answer. When Connor picks up his call, Mickey picks up the phone and tells Ray they're all in Malibu. Ray is livid, grabs a gun out of his trunk and seems intent of killing his dad but Avi (Steven Bauer) stops him.

Avi and Ray then head to Chloe’s house to deliver a warning beat down while removing all of the electronics from the communal living house. Ray tells Chloe she’ll be dead the next time she tries to blackmail Tommy and suggests she stops prostituting herself and doing blow. Later, he sends Lena to the apartment to give her enough money to get her sex change operation that he coerced out of Stu, who has a movie riding on Tommy.

When Abby finally drops Mickey off at the gym, the kids go inside to take pictures with their uncles and grandfather. There, Abby meets Ray’s half-brother Daryl. Daryl, as it turns out, was Mickey’s accomplice in slipping the old photograph into Shawn’s house. Avi is sent to beat him up while Ray goes to tell Shawn they’ve taken care of his problem.

Ray and Mickey, like last episode, have a tense conversation in the dimly lit boxing gym. “You deserved it, Mick, you deserved worse. You know what, I’m going to give it to you,” Ray tells his father. Mickey replies, “I just want my family back.” “No you want mine,” Ray says, adding “You won’t see it coming,” before walking ominously out the door. The final scene of the episode shows Ray looking at a picture of the slain Boston priest with a grin on his face.

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