October 30, 2014

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‘Grimm’ Finale Recap: Nick Ends Up In A Coffin

‘Grimm’ Finale Recap: Nick Ends Up In A Coffin


Grimm’s second season finale picked up with Nick ( David Giuntoli) and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) spending the night together – the first since she’s gotten her memory back. Nick is apologetic that he didn’t explain who he was earlier, and tells her that he thought it might have been too difficult for her to wrap her head around. She’s entirely forgiving and they fall right back into love.

Across town, Baron Samedi (Reg. E. Cathy) lets loose his army of the undead. Beaming with pride, he sits back and relaxes as they terrorize the Portland, assaulting people and destroying property. The havoc leads Renard to call Nick and ask that he come in. When Nick gets to the station, Renard (Sasha Roiz) brings him up to speed. He tells him that files were discovered in Eric’s (James Frain) desk, that they include death certificates and passports, and that one file is on Thomas Schirach.

Although the threat the files pose is sure to be worrisome, Nick first has to deal with Samedi’s undead rampaging through the city. Furthermore, Lilly O’Hara, who had been missing, had apparently teamed up with a truck driver named Al. Nick and Wu find them and chase them up a stairwell. Lilly manages to evade capture after taking Wu out with a bite on the leg. Thankfully, Nick’s able to capture Al and load him into the car with Hank (Russell Hornsby).

Hank and Nick take him to the spice shop, where the group tries to get information out of him about Samedi’s undead. Rosalee (Bree Turner) finds an antidote that should reverse the trance that they’re in, which will require an instrument with three needles to administer. She needs to act fast, as the antidote only works in their current stage of the trance, the fourth. Nick and Hank leave the task to Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee, as they leave to follow another lead.

When Al wakes up, Monroe has to punch him to subdue him, allowing Rosalee the opportunity to give him his first dosage. When Al wakes up a second time, he’s cured of the trance. Although disoriented and frightened, it’s clear that Rosalee has successfully made the antidote cocktail.

Meanwhile, Nick and Hank follow the Buick Centurios, which leads them to Richard Mulpus. Nick then returns home briefly after finding candles and voodoo paraphernalia via the Buick chase. He starts to tell Julia all about the case, when Monroe calls him and tells him about Al’s status. Nick brings Juliette to the spice house to talk to Al, who tells them all about what happened to him, including the shipyard where the Baron is.

When they get to the shipyard, they start looking through the containers. Unbeknownst to them, Baron Samedi is watching them atop one of the other containers. He sets loose a bunch of his victims and Juliette and Rosalee work quickly to give them the antidote. But when the Baron releases more of the undead, they can’t keep up and are forced to run away. Nick opts to stay and fight. After a prolonged duel, the Baron shoots Nick in the face with his acidic saliva and loads him into a coffin-like box. Eric, who had just tried to convince Renard to come back to the royal family, arrives to slam the coffin door shut.

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