October 22, 2014

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Callie Goes To Trial, Tries To Repair Her Marriage

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Callie Goes To Trial, Tries To Repair Her Marriage


Grey’s Anatomy delivered an exceptionally well-executed experimental episode that focused primarily on just one of Grey Sloan Memorial’s elite doctors – orthopedic surgeon Callie Torres.

While Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are giving a presentation on a clinical trial they’re trying to get off the ground, a lawyer serves Callie a lawsuit from Olympic snowboarder Travis Reed. Four months ago, Callie had performed a hip replacement on the athlete that had complications, which resulted in the loss of his legs. Travis wanted the Peterson hip replacement that was supposed to be the best option for athletes. Even though Callie admitted she’d never done such a replacement before, Travis wanted her to be the doctor on the job so she brushed up on the procedure and agreed.

Callie's Trial

During the surgery, Callie had to close up prior to locating an errant sponge because of a weakening heart rate. Incidentally, Travis had previously undergone a valve replacement performed by Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). In any case, his girlfriend Whitney rushed him to the hospital a few weeks later because he was running a high fever. His surgical wound was infected, his right leg was turning gray and he had a heart murmur. Yang wanted to work on his heart, but they agreed they could fix his leg first and worry about the heart later. Although Callie thought the surgery went well, she returned to his recovery room to find his legs turning black. The only option then was to amputate.

Leading up to Travis’ surgery Callie’s personal life was going as smoothly as ever. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) had suggested they add another child to their brood and said that she’d like to carry it, and soon enough the two began pouring over sperm donor candidates. Before long, Arizona was pregnant. The bubbly peds surgeon gushed over a potential new home for them as a somewhat distracted Callie was glued to her phone, trying to make sure she had all the information for the upcoming surgery.

On the day of Callie’s surgery, Arizona had a doctor’s appointment. It was to be the baby’s first picture. Callie, whose surgery on Travis ran late, forgot about the appointment and never made it. When Callie asked about the sonogram, Arizona tells her that there was no heartbeat. A couple weeks later, Arizona tries to talk to Callie about her feelings after losing the baby, but Callie is having a hard time understanding why her wife is still so upset. Ultimately, Arizona admits she can’t go through another loss, and that she doesn’t know if she wants to try for another baby.

In court, Callie’s trial initially looks like its headed south. The prosecutor hammers both Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Cristina, trying to prove that Callie was negligent. When Travis takes the stand it appears as though its all over for the ortho pro, as he paints the picture of Callie admitting to him that it was her fault he can no longer do what he loved most about his life. When Callie took the stand, though, she gave an honest and heartfelt testimony that won over the jury, who ultimately decided to find her not guilty. What the jury didn’t know, however, was that earlier that day Callie had found a letter postmarked three weeks before Travis’ surgery that revealed the Peterson clinic had stopped using the procedure because of infections.

Callie Wants To Save Marriage

Throughout the trial ordeal, Callie and Arizona’s relationship was cordial – even sweet. Flashing back through the last several months, including a conversation with her dad (Hector Elizondo) in which he relayed his own long ago infidelity and urged Callie to reunite with Arizona, Callie realizes that she wants to give their marriage another go. She decides to find Arizona at her temporary hotel room, knocking on the door. Outfitted in a robe, Arizona is stunned to hear Callie ask her to move back home. As Callie tells her to take her time with answering and then walks down the hall, Arizona goes to lie down in bed. With her eyes not leaving the ceiling, she tells Leah (Tessa Ferrer) she should put her clothes on and leave.

– Chelsea Regan

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