October 25, 2014

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‘Big Brother’ Recap: Aaryn Wins Head Of Household, Makes Racist Comments

‘Big Brother’ Recap: Aaryn Wins Head Of Household, Makes Racist Comments


Big Brother began with the latest Head of Household competition, which called for teams of two to transfer BBQ sauce into a jug and retrieve a Ping-Pong ball. The challenge resulted in a win for Jeremy McGuire and Aaryn Gries, leading a benevolent Jeremy to offer Aaryn the title. Aaryn, faced with the task of nominating the week’s four have-nots, asks the group who voted to evict David Girton. Wisely, no one answers, so Aaryn decides to choose last week's have-nots – Elissa Slater, Helen Kim and Andy Herren – and added Candice Stewart into the mix.

Still determined to learn who voted to evict David, Aaryn begins to investigate the matter. Jeremy tries to dissuade her from perusing the intel, Candice tells her she voted for Elissa, Spencer Clawson also claims to have voted for Elissa (a lie), and Andy admits to voting for David. In Aaryn’s HOH room, there’s an introduction to her creepy stuffed clown and a meeting of theminds that includes Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin Barnaby, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Nick Uhas. Jeremy tries to convince Aaryn that everybody in the room voted to keep David, but Aaryn suspects Nick may have.

Candice begins to suspect that Spencer may have actually voted for David, and that Nick and Jeremy did as well. She even puts together than Howard Overby and McCrae Olson could be a part of a “boys’ super group” as well. Of course, she’s completely on target.

Throughout the episode, CBS decided to air Aaryn at her worst – throwing around racist comments to the amusement of some housemates and to the dismay of others. No one is safe from Aaryn’s racism and bigotry, as she takes digs at Asians, African-Americans and gays in equal measure. Howard, whose main goal is to win, admits in a diary interview that Aaryn gets under his skin but the game requires him to keep his cool.

Who's not keeping her cool is Jessie Kowalski, who appears desperate to get herself her own showmance since seeing the recent pairings in the house. She’s set her sights on Nick and proceeds to follow him around the house while making awkward comments. Nick isn’t having it at all.

When it comes time for the nominations, Jeremy and Spencer debate whose eviction would be the most beneficial to "The Moving Company." Jeremy thinks Elissa should go, but Spencer convinces him that Amanda Zuckerman’s relationship with McCrae threatens the alliance so she should go. Jeremy tries to manipulate Aaryn into nominating Amanda, but she goes with Elissa and Helen.

Next week on Big Brother: Will Helen win the Power of Veto? Will Nick and Jessie hook up? Can Spencer find another way to get Amanda evicted?

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