October 22, 2014

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‘Big Brother’ Recap: Aaryn Gries Puts Howard Overby & Spencer Clawson On The Block

‘Big Brother’ Recap: Aaryn Gries Puts Howard Overby & Spencer Clawson On The Block


Big Brother returned with Aaryn Gries as the Head of Household after she won the “Roulette Me Win” competition last week.

Not surprisingly, Aaryn is still prone to casual racism and suggests that Candice Stewart’s alleged slang for “asked” – “axed” – rubbed off on her. The housemates, less inclined to smirk at her slights against the minority members of the house, collectively grimace at their new HOH.

Helen Kim, who probably wasn’t 100% sold that Aaryn would keep her word about nominating whomever she chose, is irritated that Candice has learned about the deal. She’s fairly convinced it’s Mom Squad member Elissa Slater, who has become somewhat notorious for her inability to keep her mouth shut. Talking to Aaryn, Helen contemplates the merits of getting Elissa out of the house. She better hope that doesn’t get back to Elissa.

Meanwhile, the showmance between McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman heats up in the hot tub where they exchange “I love yous” and kisses. Things seem to be cooling already between Candice and Howard Overby, as Candice is learning that Howard’s gameplay comes before their relationship when he basically feeds her to the wolves – aka Aaryn.

Howard and Spencer Clawson are determined to stick around for another week, and are pulling out all the stops to try to convince Aaryn that they aren’t the biggest threats in the house. They don’t offer her a deal, and Aaryn seems largely disinteresting in what they have to say.

For the Have and Have Nots competition, “Unforgettable,” the housemates face a brainteaser challenge. The team of losers is Candice, Amanda, Judd Maguire and GinaMarie Zimmerman. Next week, America gets to vote on what the have nots have to nosh on: mung beans and mackerel, parsnips and pumpernickel or figs and falafel.

At nomination time, the safe contestants gets their keys – GinaMarie, Jessie Kowalski, Andy Heron, Elissa, Candice, Helen, McCrae, Amanda and Judd – leaving Spencer and Howard on the block. Helen is pleasantly surprised that Aaryn stayed true to her word.

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