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Lindsay Lohan Hides Under A Table At Brazilian Nightclub

Lindsay Lohan Hides Under A Table At Brazilian Nightclub


Lindsay Lohan partied in San Paulo, and hit the deck under a table when fellow club patrons tried to capture her on camera.

“Bafão! In party in Sao Paulo, Lindsay Lohan refuses to take pictures and hides under the DJ table,” wrote the Brazilian Twitter user who posted the picture of Lohan on his account. In the picture, Lohan can be seen leaning against the inside of the table with her head in her hands, and a drink on the floor beside her.

Lohan is currently in San Paulo, Brazil to promote and attend the opening of John John Denim’s flagship store. The gig is reportedly earning her 6 figures. At the launch, Lohan was given VIP treatment, and she willingly posed for photographs.

When she arrived is San Paulo, she was just coming off filming scenes for her guest role on Charlie Sheen’s sitcom, Anger Management. Surprising many, the Liz and Dick actress's behavior was far from the tardiness that she's become know for. “She has showed up on time and early, and she has been very prepared and professional,” a source told Us Weekly.

Lohan is headed for a court-ordered 90 days in rehab that will begin after the actress attends Coachella – as she insisted she be able to attend the music festival before serving her sentence. Apparently, that was far from the only party she planned to squeeze in before her upcoming stint at the drug rehabilitation facility.

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