Leonard Nimoy announced he has been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – three decades after he quit smoking – on Twitter Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Nimoy, 82, decided to use his diagnosis and the popular social media site to caution fans on the dangers of smoking, writing, “I quit smoking 30 yrs ago. Not soon enough… Grandpa says, quit now!”

Nimoy, who has 812,000 follwers on Twitter, is best known for his role as Spock on the original Star Trek and in the JJ Abrams adapted film series, where he plays opposite Zachary Quinto’s new incarnation of the character. He signs his tweets “LLAP” for Spock’s classic sign off, “Live Long And Prosper.”

Nimoy followed up his original announcement on Thursday, Feb. 6, again encouraging followers to stop smoking before being diagnosed with lung disease, cautioning, “If you quit after you’re diagnosed with lung damage it’s too late. Grandpa says learn my lesson. Quit now.”

Nimoy assured fans he is doing fine and thanked them for their support, but admitted he “can’t walk distances.”

According to the COPD Foundation, COPD, or any “progressive lung diseases,” is most commonly found in smokers, though it can also be a product of high exposure to pollutants and genetics. Though COPD can lead to life threatening lung damage, one has a much better chance of living healthily with the disease by being healthy, safe and smoke free.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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