Fans of 300 will get to see Lena Headey kick ass in the film’s upcoming follow-up film 300: Rise Of An Empire.

Lena Headey will kick ass in the sequel of 300 — 300: Rise Of An Empire. “I had fun; I got to hold a sword,” Headey, who currently stars on the HBO hit Game of Thrones, told Total Film.

When asked about her second go-round playing Queen Gorgo, Headey shared her excitement at finally getting in on the infamous 300 fight scenes. “I love all that, I’m such a boy! They’re like, ‘Do you want to come to fight training?’ and I’m like, yes!’” Headey said in the interview.

In the first trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire Gorgo is seen acting as a sort of commander to the soldiers, suggesting that Headey’s character is, indeed, more involved in the action of the film. (However, it should also be noted that Headey was on set for only ten days.)

In her interview, Headey also assured fans that, though director Zack Snyder did not return for the sequel – directed by Noam Murrow (Smart People) – this new 300 film maintains the visual style of the original. “It’s different in that Zack [Snyder] didn’t direct it, so it’s a very different feeling. But the film, visually, follows on very much from the original. It’s something that’s so beloved for its physicality and visceral content,” Heady said.

300: Rise Of An Empire will be released in theaters March 7, 2014.

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