'ARTPOP' is set for release on Nov. 11

Lady Gaga’s leading single off her new album ARTPOP, “Applause,” was set to be released on Aug. 19 – the same day that her album was to be available for pre-order. However, after hackers began releasing snippets of the song, it was rush-released Monday evening.

The album’s entire campaign was fast-tracked after the leaks. After the single was released, the pre-order of ARTPOP was also bumped up. And Lady Gaga is hitting the talk show rounds a few days early to promote it.

No one can see she’s not taking the damage control seriously.

Over the weekend, Gaga had taken to Twitter in a seeming state of anxiety about the leaks. “Lord, in HEAVEN WHY?” she tweeted. “YOU JUST COULDN’T WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY.” She later explained that the versions that were getting leaked were of a low caliber, and that they had produced the official single to sound great even through computer speakers.

By Monday, Gaga went full-on drama queen before announcing that “Applause” would soon be available for purchase. “A POP MUSIC EMERGENCY IS UNDERWAY 911,” she tweeted at her avid twitter fan base.

ARTPOP will be released in full on Nov. 11 – unless of course hackers provide leaks ahead of time.

– Chelsea Regan

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