October 26, 2014

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La La Anthony On 'The Love Playbook,'ÂÂ 'ÂÂFreebies'Â & Cheating [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

La La Anthony On 'The Love Playbook,'€™ '€˜Freebies'™ & Cheating [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


La La Anthony, media personality and wife to NBA player Carmelo Anthony, recently released a relationship advice book The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness.

La La Anthony Says No To 'Freebies'

In The Love Playbook, La La Anthony offers words of wisdom for women in the dating world, using experience from her own dating mishaps before she found love with Carmelo Anthony. Though La La Anthony is wary of any kind of judgment, she’s definitely not an advocate for using “freebies” to keep a man around.

“I don’t agree with a freebie. I think that’s opening the flood gates up for a lot of problems,” La La Anthony told Uinterview exclusively. “I don’t believe that anyone should have a free cheat day in any relationship.”

“I heard a lot of people saying they thought, you know, that was the way to keep your man happy and keep him from cheating, allow him a free day,” she added. “I don’t agree with that at all and I talk about that extensively in the book. My friends aren’t into that, but I know some people, you know, in my outside circle who think it’s a great idea.”

'The Love Playbook' Author Talks Cheating

It should come as little surprise that La La doesn’t find cheating to be permissible either. However, she stops short of telling women that they should automatically split with their guy if they have an affair. According to La La, all factors have to be considered when making a decision – and everyone’s situation is different.

“You gotta look at the whole situation,” she told Uinterview. “Are you ready to just give it all up because of that? Why did he cheat? What were the circumstances behind it? And no way do I think cheating is acceptable, but I think you have to definitely look at the whole spectrum of what happened. Maybe go to therapy, maybe talk it out if you want to salvage the relationship and see what happens.”

La La Anthony has been married to Carmelo Anthony since 2010.

– Chelsea Regan

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