October 23, 2014

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Kristen Stewart Helps Acquit A Man

Kristen Stewart Helps Acquit A Man


Twilight star Kristen Stewart finished serving on a jury for a three-day trial in Los Angeles Friday, helping to decide the fate of a man who was accused of attempting to solicit a prostitute. The man, who pleaded not guilty, was ultimately found innocent on the grounds that he wasn't a native English speaker and therefore could not fully understand that the undercover policeman he met was masquerading as a prostitute. Stewart asked to keep her juror badge from her time in the court and was allowed to.

In an odd wrinkle, one of the security guards from the trial asked Stewart to snap a picture with him and Stewart complied. When a friend's wife later posted the picture online, court officials threatened the guard's job, reports E! Online. –KADEEN GRIFFITHS

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