Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion doctor, was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder on Monday, 10 days after the start of the jury’s deliberations, according to Fox News. He was also found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Karnamaya Mongar, who died after receiving an abortion at his clinic.

Goswell, 72, had been charged with four counts of first-degree murder after it was discovered that he had performed abortions on third-term babies by cutting their spinal cords upon delivery. In addition to his murder convictions, Goswell was also found guilty of 16 counts of violating the state’s informed consent requirements, and 21 counts of performing abortions after Pennsylvania’s legal limit of 24 weeks of gestation.

Goswell’s conviction has been a welcome verdict for those on both sides of the abortion issue – those who advocate for abortion rights, and those who are stringently pro-life. Abortion rights advocates see Goswell’s case as an example for why safe and legal abortions are necessary, while anti-abortion advocates see it as an incentive for less access to abortion.

In a recent Gallup poll, Americans’ opinions on abortion have not been swayed by Gowsell’s case. Twenty percent of respondents believe that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, roughly a quarter believe that it should be legal in all circumstances and 52% of respondents believe that abortion should be legal in certain circumstances.

On Tuesday, the jury will be presented with evidence that will help them determine whether or not to sentence Goswell to the death penalty.