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Katy Perry In No Rush To Release Next Album

Katy Perry In No Rush To Release Next Album


Katy Perry, 27, has a lot to be grinning about.

The singer, songwriter, burgeoning fashion icon, and most recently one of Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 is not only 2011's third top-earning woman in music (after Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift), having six hits from a single album (Teenage Dream) to reach Billboard's top five slots (a feat only previously accomplished by George Michael's Faith and Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814), but she also just launched a new fragrance, Meow! by Katy Perry on Wednesday at The Grove in Los Angeles. It is a companion to her first perfume, Purr.

The crowd that gathered at the launch was more interested in hearing about what comes next in Perry's music career. Fans shouldn't hold their breath, because it looks like Perry might take some downtime, at least over the holidays. "I know you guys want a new record, but I have to live a little so all the songs will be something worth listening to," she pointed out. "I think that maybe I'm just going to think about enjoying Christmas and New Year's."

Perry was also eager to talk about her new fashion choices with her hair — she debuted a controversial blonde bob when she hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend. "I'm having fun with my hair color because ... I was black-haired for 10 years," she told Extra. "That was a long time, so I just decided to change things up, try new things and see what worked. Who knows? I'll probably have to shave my head one day because of it."

Before that happens, Perry hopes to get started on having a family. Though she denies that she is currently pregnant, she is open about wanting kids. "I would love to have children," she recently said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (where she sported an all-pink 'do). "I think that's one of the reasons you get married. Especially to the person that you marry. You think, that person is going to be a good partner, a good parent. But I'm not sure it's time yet. We'll see, ya know?"

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