October 25, 2014

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Kate Gosselin & Twin Daughters Cara And Mady Give Awkward Interview On 'Today'Â

Kate Gosselin & Twin Daughters Cara And Mady Give Awkward Interview On 'Today'™


Kate Gosselin, with her twin teenage daughter’s in tow, went on the Today show Thursday morning in an attempt to dismiss accusations that growing up on television in Jon & Kate Plus 8 has negatively affected her children.

Bookending their mother, 13-year-old twins Cara and Mady Gosselin, were asked the interview’s first question by Today’s Savannah Guthrie. Giving the kids the floor, Guthrie asked them what they wanted to tell the world about their experience and how the Gosselin family is holding up. She was met with silence.

The Gosselin matriarch appeared incredibly uncomfortable with her daughters' failure to echo the happy and reassuring sentiment that came across in the People magazine interview they’re promoting. Like a dog trainer or boarding school headmaster, Kate double-clapped to get Mady’s attention and said with thinly veiled irritation, “Your words.”

In an attempt to move past the awkwardness, Guthrie conceded, “It’s hard. It’s a hard question.” But Kate, not content with the telling silence, said to her daughters, "It’s your chance. Spit it out.” When neither daughter rose to her coaxing she continued, contradictorily, "I don't want to speak for them – but, Mady, go ahead… Sort of the things that you said in the magazine, that years later they're good, they're fine. Go for it, Mad. It's your chance."

Kate Gosselin with Cara (left) and Mady (right)

Mady declined to answer, and told her mother, “No, you just said it.” Cara, throughout the exchange, remained silent and virtually expressionless. Even when asked the pointed question of whether or not people had the wrong impression of the Gosselin clan, Cara remained tongue-tied – which further irritated Kate. With a shrill faux-jokey tone Kate interjected, “My gosh! Yes or no!”

Towards the end of the interview, Mady showed some signs of enthusiasm when Guthrie asked the girls if they’d like to be back on TV. “Uh huh,” she said, and added that Cara would like to be as well, though she wasn’t going to answer on live TV.

While Kate’s simmering frustration throughout the interview foretells some scolding for the twins, Jon Gosselin, who’s accused his ex-wife of using their kids as “props,” is probably feeling some parental pride.

– Chelsea Regan

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