October 22, 2014

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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel's Wedding Video Called 'Tacky' For Exploiting Homeless

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel's Wedding Video Called 'Tacky' For Exploiting Homeless


Justin Timberlake, 31, and Jessica Biel, 30, who married in an upscale Italian ceremony last week, may be enjoying wedded bliss, but their fans are less than impressed by a wedding video that was reportedly made by a friend of theirs that some are saying mocks the homeless.

The clip, a few seconds of which were published on Gawker, begins with the line, "Greetings from your Hollywood friends who just couldn't make it," and goes on to show a half-toothless homeless man saying "Jessica and Justin, I haven't seen y'all in a long time. My gift is in the mail," as well as a wavy-haired transvestite advising Biel, "Good luck, and watch your man."

While the Gawker clip is a mere 20 seconds, the original video was said to be more than 8 minutes. It was reportedly made by Timberlake's friend, Justin Huchel, a Los Angeles real estate agent whose attorney, Michael Saltz, told Gawker to take down the video.

“Specifically, Mr. Huchel made a video to be used and exhibited privately at Justin Timberlake’s wedding as a private joke without Mr. Timberlake’s knowledge," Saltz wrote.

While people might otherwise be congratulating Timberlake and Biel on Twitter, the recent developments are inspiring mainly criticism. “It’s official I am no longer a @jtimberlake fan!! Unfollowing you right now! Mocking the homeless is wrong!” tweeted one (former) fan.

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