The Little Couple followed Dr. Jennifer Arnold’s cancer diagnosis and detailed her chemotherapy in Tuesday’s episode, “The Unexpected.”

Arnold publicly announced she had been diagnosed with stage 3 choriocarcinoma in December, 2013, and has been updating fans and supporters about her battle with cancer – including chemotherapy treatments and surgery. In February, Arnold announced that she had finished treatments and was in remission.

Arnold and her husband, Bill Klein, have been open about Arnold’s health troubles, and now her cancer is being documented as part of their reality series, The Little Couple. The new season premiered Tuesday, March 4, and saw Arnold start to feel unwell while the family was in India finalizing their adoption of their new baby, Zoey, 2 – their second adopted child.

Arnold's Cancer Diagnosis Chronicled On Show

In Tuesday night’s episode, viewers saw Arnold receive her diagnosis and share it with viewers.

“I ended up going through multiple tests to find out why I had been bleeding so badly in India, and as it turns out I have a form of cancer called gestational trophoblastic neoplasm – stage three,” Arnold told viewers on Tuesday, adding that she is lucky the cancer did not spread to her brain or liver.

Arnold live-tweeted the episode, asking followers to share their personal battles against cancer while hers aired on national television.

In the episode, Arnold is devastated when she can’t see her daughter right away after her family returns from India. Zoey was sick and couldn’t see Arnold for two days.

While viewers watched the show, Arnold revealed one part of her cancer fight that wasn’t included in The Little Couple: her hysterectomy. Arnold revealed that she had the rough surgery after she returned from India with pneumonia.

The episode also chronicled Arnold’s emotional journey when it came to losing her hair. For his part, Klein was nothing but supportive, telling his wife, “You don’t need hair in order to look pretty. You’re perfect. I thought you looked cute. Now I can see your ears.”

It took some time, but Arnold eventually embraced her new bald look.

Though the season will no doubt continue to focus on Arnold’s cancer, Arnold insists she wants to focus on the good in life: the newest addition to their growing family.

“It was not something we expected nor foresaw, but unfortunately have to deal with,” she said. “Clearly we don’t want my cancer diagnosis to overshadow in any way the adoption of our daughter.”

The Little Couple airs on TLC, Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

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