Jen Arnold, the star of The Little Couple who recently announced her cancer diagnosis, shared a photo of herself beginning in-patient treatment.

Jen Arnold Starts Chemotherapy

Jen Arnold tweeted a photo of herself without her wig on Dec. 27, announcing that she was on her second day of chemotherapy. Though she was sitting in the hospital, she had a smile on her face.

Despite going through the difficult treatment, Arnold feels her family’s support. “Being surrounded by the love of my husband and our two beautiful children is actually in many ways giving me the strength to fight it even stronger,” Arnold said.

Arnold’s doctors initially wanted to avoid surgery because of her skeletal dysplasia, but because the cancer wasn’t responding the chemotherapy alone, a hysterectomy became the best option.

Jen Arnold Spends Christmas With Family

Arnold began her chemotherapy a week late because of low blood counts, which allowed her to spend Christmas with her family, husband Bill Klein and children Will and Zoey.

Arnold tweeted a sweet photo of her father, dressed as Santa, with Will on his lap.

Arnold was diagnosed with stage three choriocarcinoma, a result from an earlier miscarriage, while she and Klein were in the process of adopting Zoey.

Arnold’s battle with cancer will be documented on upcoming episodes of The Little Couple, airing on TLC.