November 01, 2014

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Jeanne Cooper, 'Young & The Restless' Star, Returns To Hospital

Jeanne Cooper, 'Young & The Restless' Star, Returns To Hospital


Jeanne Cooper, the Young and the Restless actress, has been taken back to the hospital after having been released a couple of weeks ago. Cooper, who was hospitalized in critical condition last month, has starred as Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless since 1973.

Cooper's son, Physch actor Corbin Bernsen, has been keeping family, friends and fans abreast of his mother's condition through Twitter and Facebook. On Wednesday he wrote,“Not sure what to pray for at this point or what we even want for her. I know in my heart there is more for her to do in this world, but I also know there is a season for all things. I want more than anything comfort for her. I want her to have peace.

"This is that tricky place where you start to weight all things, not what we need to do, actions to take, but instead open ourselves for enlightenment as to what God has planned for her and ultimately what is best for her," he continued. "She is a fighter and I know she’ll continue that. But when you’re a boxer in the corner, bruised and bloodies from battle and demands to keep going, what do you do? I’m saying my prayers this morning, asking for guidance.”

Although Bernsen has refrained from detailing the specifics of Cooper's health condition, she is said to be suffering from a "dangerous infection," according to Zap2it.

Cooper, 84, appeared as her character of 40 years, Katherine Chancellor, in yesterday's episode of The Young and the Restless.

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