James Everett Dutschke, rival Elvis impersonator to previous suspect Paul Kevin Curtis, was arrested in his home in Tupelo, Miss., on Saturday, FBI spokeswoman Deborah Madden confirmed.

Curtis was released from police custody earlier in the week and was relieved of all charges relating to the ricin-laced letters that were sent to the president and other government officials. As a result of law enforcement's investigation into Curtis, they were put on Dutschke's trail. On Tuesday, his house was searched by federal agents.

Although the signature on the letters matched those on Curtis' online postings, there was no physical evidence to tie him to the crime. "We're just thrilled, so happy with the government," Christi McCoy, Curtis's lawyer said after his release. "Sometimes law enforcement will get on one angle and stay on that angle no matter what, and we are so happy that was not the case here. They went where the evidence led, realized it was a dead end, and went where true evidence was."

"I mean, let's be honest," McCoy continued at the conference, "his Facebook page and writings directly correlated with what was sent to our officials. I haven't seen anything that makes me think they acted recklessly."

The charges that will be filed against Dutschke are not immediately known.