October 25, 2014

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Harry Styles Shoe Thrower Jade Anderson Apologizes

Harry Styles Shoe Thrower Jade Anderson Apologizes


Harry Styles received a shoe to the groin during a One Direction show by a concertgoer who has since apologized via Twitter.

Jade Anderson is the 14-year-old girl who has taken responsibility for the unfortunately landing footwear. She tweeted, “tonight I threw my shoe and it hit harry in the balls then security came and took me out the concert then I got my shoe back hahahaha.”

Anderson explained that although she was thrown out of the show, her absence was short lived. “The only reason the security let me back in is cos harry told them to,” she explained.

Then the One Direction fan explicitly apologized to the injured singer. “@harry_styles im the one that threw my shoe at you, I never meant to hurt you :-(,” she wrote, adding, “Feel sooo ill now.”

Although Anderson claims that security said she could’ve killed the 19-year-old singer, Styles quickly got up after collapsing in pain and continued on with the set. Maybe it helped that it wasn’t the first time it’s happened to him:

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