The boys from One Direction competed in a Skype challenge on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Thursday that somehow ended with Harry Stiles taking off his pants to win the final challenge.

Jimmy Kimmel separated the British boy band into two teams: Niall and Louis vs. Zayn, Harry and Liam. The teams were seated in different dress rooms, and were asked by Kimmel to compete in three challenges: 1) put on toothpaste facial hair, 2) speak in your best American accent and 3) be the first to come back to the screen wearing their underwear over their pants.

Niall and Louis were quick to win the first challenge, but Zayn, Harry and Liam charmed their way to a win for the second challenge, mostly due to their impression of SoCal surfer dudes, culminating in Harry exclaiming, “I live in the valley!”

For the third and final challenge, the boys rushed to change off-camera, and, while Niall reappeared wearing his underwear over his jeans, he didn’t stand a chance of winning once Harry sat down sans-pants, in just his underwear, a t-shirt and socks.

The members of the winning team won purity rings, “Because abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.”

One Direction appeared on the late night talk show to premiere the trailer for their new movie, One Direction: This Is Us, coming out on August 30.