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FUNNY: Top Ten Alec Baldwin Vs. AA Tweets

FUNNY: Top Ten Alec Baldwin Vs. AA Tweets


Oh, Alec Baldwin — and to think you once (still?) have New York City mayoral ambitions! When we heard you threw a hissy fit after that unnamed American Airlines flight attendant tried to come between you and your game of "Words with Friends," we thought, OK, he must've had his reasons. But as details from aboard the plane emerged, including the fact that you used your very own Twitter account to spark global awareness of how douchey you can be to fellow air travelers, we thought, "Wait a minute. The only thing worse than having to turn off our Kindles for about twenty minutes is having the plane delayed for an extra hour because some hot-headed television star refuses!" And as it turns out, we're not alone. Our friends have some words for you, Mr. Baldwin, and unlike your performance in My Best Friend's Girl, they're actually funny.

10. “Someone ought to tell Alec Baldwin that 'Xanax' is worth 26 points.” —Joy Behar

9. "Meanwhile Stephen Baldwin was kicked off the plane after he was caught trying to smuggle himself in Alec's luggage." —Jason Mustian

8. “Alec Baldwin. Was playing words with friends. Flight attendants are not your friends and apparently you used the wrong words.” —Howie Mandel

7. "Alec Baldwin showing progress. He used to verbally abuse 12 year old girls on cell phones. Now he has moved on to female flight attendants." —John Kincade

6. "So Kevin Smith got Alec Baldwin kicked off a plane for not being fat enough, right? That's what's got the internet goin nuts, right?" —Nathan Rabin

5. "I was playing words with friends yesterday with Alec Baldwin yesterday and for no apparent reason he just quit." —Tom Kelley

4. "Apparently Alec Baldwin is America's most dangerous terrorist." —Warming Glow

3. "Alec Baldwin was thrown off a plane yesterday for playing 'Word with Friends'. In his defense, he had a Q a J and a Z." —Darth Vader

2. “Alec Baldwin held up a flight and got booted for playing "Words with Friends." In related news, I have enough tiles to spell J-A-C-K-A-S-S.” —moooooog35

1. “Alec Baldwin: the Rosa Parks of fat white middle age celebrity millionaire First Class-cabin iPhone douchbags.” — David Burge

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  • EmmaHickey

    Hahaha the Tom Kelley tweet is def the best one. John Kincade's is a little mean though...

    - Posted by EmmaHickey @ 12/08/11, 10:23 am

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