Dr. Joyce Brothers, the famed columnist and TV psychologist, died peacefully in her home in Fort Lee, N.J., on Monday, her family confirmed. She was 85.

Brothers' career took off in 1955 after she appeared on The $64,000 Question, and became the first and only woman to go home the winner. Just three years later, NBC offered her a trial TV show, in which she would offer personal advice on a host of common topics – love, marriage, children, career, etc.

Her penchant for diving into the more taboo waters of her guests’ personal affairs earned her both fame and notoriety, propelling a career that would last nearly six decades. Brothers became a well-known TV personality, and made a number of appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Gallup even included her on their list of America’s most admired women.

Along with her work on TV, Brothers also penned advice columns. She wrote a monthly column for Good Housekeeping, and a syndicated column that appeared in over 350 newspapers during the height of her career.

Brothers’ critics insisted that her brand of psychology was irresponsible – not the deeply analytical care that patients require. She confronted those who were less enthusiastic about her status as a media psychologist by informing them that she advised people who needed professional help to seek it.

Brothers is survived by her sister, Judge Elaine Goldsmith; her daughter, Dr. Lisa Brothers Arbisser; four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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