October 31, 2014

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'Downton Abbey’ SPOILERS: Matthew Dies Next

'Downton Abbey’ SPOILERS: Matthew Dies Next


Downton Abbey’s third season will come to a close on Sunday night, upping the tragedy at the Grantham estate a year after the events of the penultimate episode. Spoilers ahead!

In Sunday's episode, Edith has become the object of her married editor’s affection. He tells her so and indicates that he’d like to get to know her family. Matthew becomes wise to the situation and suggests the flirtation end, but Edith might not be quite as eager.

Meanwhile, Thomas endearingly comes to James’ rescue when the latter gets attacked in a drunken stupor. Consequently, he’s the one that takes the brunt of the beating and loses his money and watch. Appreciating Thomas’ gallantry, James offers a friendship, but nips the bud on anything romantic forming between them.

It’s a joyous occasion when Mary gives birth to her first child, a boy. Husband Matthew, elated at the news, rides into town to share with everyone the news about his newborn son. Thankfully he got to take in his cherubic face before he rode off to town, as the trip ends in a fatal car crash – leaving Mary widowed and her son without a father – as if killing off her sister Sybil wasn't enough.

The Downton Abbey finale will air at 9/8c on PBS.

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