October 31, 2014

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Donald Trump Withdraws Lawsuit Against Bill Maher For Alleging His Father Was An 'Orangutan'

Donald Trump Withdraws Lawsuit Against Bill Maher For Alleging His Father Was An 'Orangutan'


Donald Trump has elected to not pursue his $5 million lawsuit against comedienne and political commentator Bill Maher.

The lawsuit developed from a Tonight Show appearance by Maher, in which he claimed that Trump was a direct descendent of an orangutan. Poking fun at the Apprentice host and his fellow “birthers,” who don’t believe that President Barack Obama is an American citizen, Maher offered to pay $5 million if Trump could prove his father wasn’t an orangutan.

Not long after Maher’s Tonight Show appearance, Trump released his birth certificate. When Maher failed to hand over the sum, the real estate mogul proceeded to sue him for breaking a verbal contract. Needless to say, the lawsuit was unlikely to settle in Trump’s favor.

Despite the low odds of success, Trump’s special counsel, Michael Cohen, has insisted that the legal battle is not yet over. Cohen told TMZ, “the lawsuit was temporarily withdrawn to be amended and refilled at a later date."

Perhaps Trump is simply looking to focus on another lawsuit at the moment. He’s currently suing a Brooklyn hacker who’s created 200 Web domain names featuring Trump's name and likeness, while portraying the billionaire in a decidedly negative light.

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